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Hi! I’m Lisa Favre and welcome to Sugar Agenda - a food blog geared for moms to find the deliciousness in every day. Through our creative content, we strive to offer you, (you beautiful mama, you!) inspiration for your next best meal (with a sprinkling of motherhood stories, of course!).

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My Best Recipe for Pita Chips

My recipe for pita chips will ALWAYS have a PITA my heart! All it takes is for that one recipe to (positively!) impact snack time. For me, learning how to make homemade pita chips was a definite turning point in…

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Easy Turkey Burgers Recipe

These turkey burgers are worth gobbling up! After giving birth to my youngest, I made it my personal goal to really take care of myself. I was never one for trendy diets. You see, I’m all about balance (as showcased…

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Vegan Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

Our vegan loaded baked potato casserole is absolutely SPUD-tacular! If I had to choose a favourite food, then I’d definitely have to go with potatoes. You can do SO much with the little spuds: mash them, fry them, steam them……

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Baked Feta Pasta with Asparagus

Finally hopping on the baked feta pasta train. P.S.: Totally worth it! I may be a “budding influencer,” but when it comes to trends and challenges, I often fall behind. For instance, this past holiday season, everyone was all about…

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